5 Tips to Mindfully Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Yes, I decided I would shop the Big, Over-Hyped Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. However, I am being extremely careful since it was only a few years ago that this sale began a huge shopping binge for me, putting me way over my head into debt.

This time I am going to practice everything I have learned over the last few years and do my best to only purchase items that I love, can afford, and “make sense” to own.

Here are a few thoughts I will follow as I shop this sale:

1. Don’t Be Influenced By The Influencers.

I follow several beauty and fashion bloggers and enjoy their reviews of products and styling of clothing. It can be useful to see what items they recommend from the sale, especially if someone has my similar body type or coloring. However, I will not get all “hung up” on what anyone else is “obsessed with” or claims is a “must have”. I have learned to trust my own judgment and only I know what is best for me. I need to love something on me NOT on someone else!

2. Know What You Are Looking To Gain From The Sale.

Have a clear idea of what you might want to purchase. Take the time to think about what your closet (or other part of your home) needs or could benefit from. Just adding more clutter to your life or debt on your credit cards will not make you feel good. The high that we get from impulsive, compulsive, mindless shopping is not only just temporary, but it is also self damaging. When you purchase things you really don’t need or can’t afford you end up more stressed and with lower self-esteem. On the other hand, if you take your time determining what you want and are looking to purchase, practice discipline and stick to your plan (and budget), shopping can be enjoyable without any negative side affects!

This year I am going to first look for a few items that I had wanted to purchase last winter but never did… a black tote bag, grey colored jeans, and high waisted bootcut jeans. I also have some basics that I need to replace such as a down winter coat, under garments, pjs, and bathroom towels. As for my wardrobe I would like to add some new workout clothing. I love the plaid trend for the fall, so will look for a few pieces (like a versatile blazer or jacket that would work well with what I already own. But I also know there will be plenty more plaid clothing available over the next few months, so I may use the sale as inspiration, but wait to purchase these items.

3. Stick to High Quality Brands

I am careful when choosing clothing and always avoid fast fashion. I prefer to spend a little more on a quality item that is classic and I will use for a long time (and then it can still be used by someone else). I will stick to shopping my favorite brands and not get sidetracked to purchase something just because the price is so low.

4. Don’t Worry About Items Selling Out

It is always exciting if you can get something you actually need and love at a discount. BUT….don’t be tricked into scooping up everything you like (or some influencer says you should like) just because you are afraid it will sell out and you will miss out. After the sale, items will restock and there will be more sales come the Fall from many retailers. If you can be patient you will find many items even cheaper at Nordstrom Rack. This sale is just a small sample of what will be available for purchase in the upcoming season. So if you miss it now, no worries, you will find it (or something you love even more ) later on.

5. Learn From your Mistakes and Don’t Be Afraid to Return

I wrote above that I am “going to do the best I can” to not over shop during this sale. Although I do have confidence that I will shop more carefully than I’ve done in previous years, I also know that I might slip up. After I have all my purchases, I am going to reassess what I’ve bought to determine if I should really keep them. If I’ve spent too much or bought items I should not have, then I will RETURN them. I am never afraid to return anything and try to learn from every return I make.

Why did I really buy it? What can I do next time to avoid making the same mistake?

I remember a few years ago the biggest mistakes I made when shopping the sale was to buy everything that the influencers promoted and additionally snatching up everything that caught my eye even just a little. I didn’t have a shopping plan, a strategy or the slightest idea of what I really needed or desired.

Remember, being a recovering shopaholic does not mean that we can never shop or that we shouldn’t enjoy shopping! We just need to plan a little more that others, know our triggers, set up a shopping strategy, and do our best!

Let me know if you are going to shop the Nordstrom Sale this year and what your shopping plan is!

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