How a Christmas Movie Stirred the Shopaholic in Me

I had such a fun time participating in the ShopaholicNoMore Facebook Live yesterday. If you did not get a chance to join us “live”, you can still view the video here:

Dr. April Benson, myself, Steven Rubin, and Cheryl Stern before the Facebook Live Event

As I was driving into the city yesterday, I was listening to holiday music and the song Santa Baby came on. This is a cute, fun song about a woman who is asking Santa for “just a few things” - a fur coat, a fancy car, a yacht, and of course a ring from Tiffanys. Singing along (privately this time), I began thinking about what would be on my own Santa list. I hadn’t put together a list this year, since my husband and I are going to spend a night in Manhattan with dinner and a play instead of exchanging gifts.

For weeks I had been doing well managing not to buy more clothing for myself while I shopped for all the people on my holiday list. I was able to remind myself of all the beautiful things I already had in my closet just waiting to be worn. I admittedly have stacks of sweaters, and jeans, plus shelves full of shoes and boots. I felt confident that I didn’t need another thing…until I watched a Christmas movie.

First, let me state that I am all done with my holiday shopping, and most of it is all wrapped (except for one child’s gifts which have not yet arrived and I’m beginning to wonder if they will get here before Christmas). Since I have spent less time driving myself crazy this season, obsessing over purchasing the perfect gifts and buying less overall, I have had time to actually enjoy all the other more important aspects of the season. I’ve had time to spend with friends and family, especially my children. I've also had time to do something I had always wanted to do…watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

When I saw the advertisement for one of Hallmark chanel’s newest holiday movies, “The Shoe Addict’s Christmas”, I just knew I had to watch it. And yes , it was this movie that left me filled with holiday spirit and an unrelenting urge to shop! I absolutely enjoyed this movie. It was clever, fun, had a wonderful cast, and of course there were beautiful shoes. But it was not the shoes that snagged me. I have a lot of gorgeous shoes, and it isn’t too difficult for me to talk myself down from a shoe buying urge since I have a bunion that prevents me from doing anything more than just admire all pointy toe shoes with a skinny heel over 3 inches high. When I do see a shoe I love (and want to buy) I ask myself if I already have a shoe that would serve the same purpose as the one I’m drooling over, and since my collection of footwear is vast, the answer is usually YES.

It also was not the beautiful outfits that Candace Cameron was wearing that I just “had to have”. I would love to buy them all, but must admit they would not suit my super casual lifestyle, or sadly my over 50 body (she looked stunning in everything she wore).

I’ll tell you exactly what made my no-shopping resolve weaken…it was the coats. She wore a variety of coats throughout the show and paired them with colorful hats, scarves and gloves….especially a pair of red leather gloves. I thought “how beautiful! Why don’t I have a pair of red leather gloves to wear around the holidays? I definitely should have a pair…they are so Christmasy!”. So I quickly went to, and with my 2-day Shoprunner shipping I had red leather gloves in time to wear for our festive night out to see a theatre production of ELF.

But the gloves were not enough…I kept thinking about the coats. In the movie Candace wore a red coat, a grey coat and a camel colored coat. The camel coat looked just like the one I have been searching to find for years. You wouldn’t believe how easy it was for me to find out the brand of the coat and where I could purchase it. All I had to do was google “The Shoe Addicts Christmas fashion” and I found a website where someone else (who also was obsessed with the movie’s stye) had already identified and located almost everything that Candace wore in the movie. There it was…links to all the coats, including the long camel wrap coat.

Here is where I had to do some mindful thinking. I already own several down-filled coats and a few black wool coats in varying styles and lengths. I’ve gotten by just fine with only wearing black coats in the winter, but for quite a few years I have been searching for a long camel colored, wrap style coat that fit well and I loved.

I clicked on the link and discovered that the coat was made by Ted Baker. For me, this was wonderful, since supply chain transparency and clothing sustainability are important to Ted Baker (and important to me). I decided to purchase it to see if it might possibly be the coat that I’ve searched a long time for. I can happily say that it is. It checks the box on everything I had been looking for. I was also glad (and a bit surprised) that I had never “settled” on a camel colored coat before (I've bought and returned many). How many times have I settled when buying something, only to find what I truly wanted later on. If you don’t absolutely love something, do not buy it. Wait. Eventually you will find what it is you really love.

If I had ended the shopping with one new coat and a pair of gloves then I would say that I had successfully, mindfully shopped. But that only lasted for a little while. High on my buy, I went back to that website to click on the links for the other coats that were in the movie. I quickly convinced myself that I needed to expand my outerwear collection to include more colors. I asked myself “why not buy the red and grey coats too? I had the money to pay for it, and I had the space for them. I could wait to purchase them, but why should I wait…it’s winter now and I want to start wearing them.

So just like that I purchased two more coats.

I felt like I had scored or won the lottery! But after a few days passed, I began to wonder how “mindful” buying three coats in one week was? Was it really the best decision? I honestly didn't need those extra two coats. Couldn’t I have just been happy with the camel coat? I realized then the bigger question that I had failed to ask myself.

What was I really buying?

Was I adding variety to my outwear or was I trying to be the young, beautiful, perfectly dressed character in the movie? Did I buy these coats for my real life (stay at home mom) or my fantasy life (successful working woman)?

Once the grey and red coats arrive I will need to really ponder whether or not to keep them or return them. As of right now, I am unsure what I will do, but unlike my past, I will not hide them from my husband. In fact, I’ll probably try them and get his opinion. The one positive thing is that I did not go into debt to pay for the coats, but certainly it would be nice to practice saving my money instead of always spending my budget each month. I certainly have much to contemplate as 2018 winds down and I start thinking of my New Year resolutions!

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