I Shopped and Didn't Stop - My Weekly Check-in.

I love clothing, shoes, bags, and everything about fashion. There I said it. Sometimes it just feels good to say it and acknowledge it. It is my truth and right now I am struggling. I went shopping this week. I enjoyed going shopping this week. But now, I want to keep shopping. I have reached my spending limit for September and its only the first week of the month! How did I do it?

Let’s start at the beginning.

My daughter and I had plans to go to the mall to do some back to college shopping for her and “maybe” some Fall shopping for me. I really didn’t plan carefully for this shopping trip and I certainly didn’t execute it well. There was a pair of caramel suede flat espadrilles that I had seen online and thought would be a nice Fall addition to my wardrobe. Being that we were going to the mall, I decided I would try them on and decide when I was there. They were casual everyday shoes in a color that I did not own, so that part made sense, but they were on the more expensive side and I wasn’t sure I really wanted to spend that much. I ended up loving the shoe. Is there any shoe I don’t love?

While still on my purchase “high”, I decided to venture into the handbag department to see a shoulder bag that I had been considering. The navy blue bag I had bought online was beautiful and very good quality, but it was too big so I ended up returning it. I wasn’t really planning on purchasing a bag that day, but since my shopping defenses were down (from the shoe purchase), I just moved forward and said “I must have this bag….now!”. I convinced myself that would be all I would want and buy right now…a bag and a pair of shoes. But, it didn’t end there. A few days after I dropped my daughter back to school, I returned to the mall solo. I bought three sweaters, a Fall jacket and a leopard print scarf (that went perfectly with the jacket). Boom! Just like that..a little over budget and now I can’t buy another thing for at least a month! I am not sure I will make it.

Here’s my issue. First let me say that I really love everything I bought and there is a place for it all in my closet and each piece was unique and not “similar” to something I already own. Still, I feel like a failure because I just shopped without thinking. I didn’t ask myself the “urge strike” questions. I knew I didn’t have to buy all the items right away and wouldn’t be wearing some of them for a while yet (especially since it was 90 degrees today). I didn’t listen to my own good advice. I wanted to shop. I really wanted to shop. I didn’t want anyone telling me not to shop. And I especially didn’t want me telling me not to shop,

For instance, when I was in the dressing room trying on the sweaters, I told myself “You can pick one sweater…just one. You can only purchase one sweater”. I first tried on the super soft, rose pink one (the first sweater that I saw after being in the store for only 2 seconds). I didn’t have a sweater this color and the length was perfect. I took a very quick moment to analyze the sweater since I usually don’t buy sweaters that aren’t beige, grey, navy or black. I thought to myself “I don’t have this color…check…..it’s for my real casual life and not some fantasy life…check”. I loved it.

Then I put on the soft white sweater. I’ve said it before…I have a weakness for all things white. I loved that it was hooded and was super casual..almost more a sweatshirt than a sweater. It would look great with my track pants and sneakers…the perfect outfit to wear to my son’s Fall baseball games. I loved it.

Then I tried on the royal blue with black trim sweater that the sales girl said was beautiful. I’ve always been cautious with anything that is a royal blue color because I can never tell if it’s a “cool” or “warm” toned shade, and I look best in “warm” colors. But I tried it on because the sales girl loved it, and guess what? I loved it! It would look great with my “faux” leather black pants. Needless to say, I couldn’t decide which “one” sweater to buy, so of course I bought myself all three. After all, I thought. “why not”? But I didn’t wait for myself to list the reasons for “why not”, I just marched happily to the register.

But now what? Now I can’t shop for the next month. If I do I will be entering into dangerous territory, stepping right back into old patterns. If I stop now and just enjoy what I purchased, then it will all be fine. But it’s only the first week of September. You know I’m bound to see something I desperately like within the next 23 days. So how am I going to manage not to purchase anything? It’s easy for someone without a shopping addiction to say “just don’t shop”. Those people don’t understand that it is not that simple for us overshoppers…although I wish it were. This is going to be a real challenge for me. There are two things I must adhere to:

  1. No more visits to the mall this month. Although I like the aspect of seeing, touching and trying clothing on before I purchase them, if I visit the mall there is a high probability I will not be able to resist purchasing something else that I see. There are so many beautiful new Fall items out there and I am certain to love them all. Best I stay away and not get tempted. What I don’t see, I won’t desire.

  2. I also need to avoid visiting my favorite online stores. I need to ignore the emails telling me about the “new” “arrivals” and Fall season “must haves”.

I am going to have to find other things to occupy my free time this month so that I am less tempted to browse online or in the stores. I’ve been thinking of taking up yoga again, so this might be the right time! I could consider returning the items I bought, but I don’t think it makes sense to do that. I just need to not buy anything else for a while. Plus, usually when I go to a store to return something, I just end up buying something else anyway. So since I already love what I purchased, it isn’t necessary to return it. There’s a lot I could have done differently this past week and certainly there is a lot I will need to do differently the rest of this month!

It’s going to be a long month.

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