Baby It's Cold Outside: The Shopaholic Version

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

I’m late getting this “Friday” post up, but I needed a little extra time and help from my daughter preparing it. The song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” written by Frank Loesser, has always been one of my favorite songs to listen to this time of year. I love every rendition of it. Since that one radio station decided to ban it, I’ve actually been hearing the song played more than ever before (which I don’t mind at all). In fact, I’ve heard the song so often that the tune got stuck inside my head. I figure if people could start changing the meaning behind this song, why couldn’t I have a little fun and play with the song lyrics a bit too.

In my head every time the words “I really can’t stay” and “I’ve got to say no no no” were sung, I envisioned myself at Nordstrom trying to leave, but being tempted by the sales girl and all the beautiful goods surrounding me. I decided to make this a fun, humorous, holiday post and give you the Shopaholic’s rendition of this popular song.

I hope I can bring you some laughter in my version…if not in the lyrics then at least in my singing!! I must thank my daughter for being such a good sport and singing the role of the sales lady while I sang the part of the tempted shopper trying to leave the store.

Listen to my daughter and I singing our Shopaholic rendition here:

Lady, It’s Cold outside (my silly lyrics)

I really can’t stay (But Lady, It’s cold outside)

I’ve got to get away (But Lady, it’s cold outside)

This shopping has been (Been hoping that you’d come in)

So very nice (I’m sure you got some real great stuff)

My children will start to worry (Take a look at Burberry)

My husband will be pacing the floor (new markdowns on all Michael Kors)

So really I’d better scurry (Don’t be in such a hurry)

Well maybe I’ll look just a bit more (I’ve got shoes you’re sure to adore)

I truly am late (Look at that sweater there)

This come in size eight? (I’m sure I can find one here)

I wish I knew how (How ‘bout a new handbag now)

To break this spell (here try this on, you look so swell)

I ought to say no no no more (we have that in a size four)

At least I’m gonna say that I tried (makes no sense to let this deal slide)

I really can’t stay (There’s triple points today!)

Lady it’s cold outside

I simply must go (But Lady, it’s cold outside)

The answer is no (It truly is cold outside)

This sweater does feel (how lucky its a great deal)

So nice and warm (perfect to wear out in this storm)

My husband will be suspicious (You can wear this on Christmas)

My therapist says walk out the door (this designer’s new to our store)

My conscious can be so vicious (that color is so delicious)

But maybe just one Jimmy Choo more (Never seen this on sale before)

I’ve gotta get home (But, Lady, you’d freeze out there)

Maybe one more coat (snows up to your knees out there)

Perhaps these boots too (They really look great on you)

No wait, let’s see (Hand me your card, relax, trust me)

There’s bound to be guilt tomorrow (Just think about your sorrow)

At least I can still leave and not buy (if this should sell out then you’ll cry)

I really can’t stay (take your charge card out)

Lady, it’s cold

Lady it’s cold outside

On another note, I will be joining Steven Rubin, program manager for Stopping Overshopping ( and Cheryl Stern, award winning writer and star of Shoes and Baggage, for a Facebook Live event to discuss our personal over shopping journey and how we are handling shopping around the holidays. Since this is a Facebook Live event we will be answering any questions that viewers may have. I hope you can join us!

Here is what you need to know!

Date: December 17th, 2017, 9PM EST

Where: Facebook Live-

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