Life, Hope, and Hormones

I haven’t been able to write lately.

Not because I didn’t have things to write about, but simply because I couldn’t get motivated to organize my thoughts as I felt my body was being taken hostage by menopausal hormones.

Sometimes I feel I should be writing a blog about going through menopause since it affects each day of my life differently. There are days I do not recognize myself…I look the same on the outside, but inside I am missing . I am an alien in my own body. I fret over things I never thought about before. I worry about every ache, scratch or twitch I might have. My stomach tangles in knots over the simplest thing, and my once very logical brain drifts down a path of irrational thoughts.

I once thought menopause meant my monthly cycle would end and I might feel some hot flashes. I was not prepared for all I did not know and even if you told me that anxiety could occur, I wouldn’t have believed you. I was a happy go lucky person who rarely got overly nervous about anything.

Go figure.

But one thing I am not is a quitter. I have pushed my way through tough days and I continue to seek out natural methods to deal with the list of menopause symptoms that bombard me. I am eating healthier, exercising and taking a handful of supplements twice a day. I no longer get hot flashes, I can sleep deeply now, my energy level is great, and thanks to collagen my nails and hair are strong and shiny. I just need to figure out the anxiety. I’m working on it and will not give up.

I know this a blog about overcoming shopping, but there is more to overcome in life and now overcoming anxiety is my latest challenge.

Now, on to the shopping!

If there has been one positive thing about my anxiousness…I have not had the mad desire to go shop my nerves away! I’ve been able to put shopping in perspective and its priority in my life has lowered. That does not mean I have not shopped. The change of seasons is a shopping trigger for me as I start to plan my warm weather wardrobe. The difference now is that I have not been obsessed with it. I’ve made mindful decisions about what I’ve wanted to add to my existing closet and I’ve been very picky and selective. I have money in my bank account and am very happy with what I have purchased. Although there are a few things I’d still like to look for, I do not feel any urgency in finding them.

I no longer spend time on mindless online shopping, and have been able to avoid spring sales trying to lure me into purchasing items I don’t need. I clearly know what I do NOT need right now (cough, cough…shoes) and have a small list of what I’d still like to get.

I am more interested now in pursuing my hobbies such as reading (i’ve finished two books this past month), crocheting a blanket for my son (in the school color of the university he will start at in September), and spending time with my family and friends.

I am at a crossroad right now as I figure out the next direction to head, but I know I will not be still for long. The warmer temperatures, my blossoming lilacs, and the sounds of birds outside all give me hope that better days are ahead!

Please share with me how you manage your struggles, whether or not they are related to menopause!

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