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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall….”

I wrote about August shopping pitfalls the other day, but I have experienced one more recently. There reaches a point in every season where I feel the need to change my makeup and the end of July to early August is one of those times! When I look in the mirror, suddenly my existing makeup doesn’t seem right anymore. I yearn for that goddess bronzed glowing look that seems to come so effortlessly for others. I’m not a sun worshipper and unless I’m on a tropical vacation, I do not spend time at the beach “tanning”. If I’m in my backyard reading a book, I will sit in the shade as I don’t like sweating in the sun. My skin has gotten darker merely from walking and running outdoors each day, but since I always wear SPF 50 on my face there is quite a difference in color between my face and my body!

To remedy this I decided to purchase some new makeup…and boy I certainly did! I ordered 4 different foundations to try, a new tinted primer, 2 new CC creams (I still don’t understand what CC and BB creams are), 3 different shades of under eye concealer, an eyeshadow primer (why is this different than face primer), 3 different summer bronzers (so that I can match my face to the rest of my body), a contour and highlighting palette and a new “tropical” blush color. Naturally, I also needed to purchase a few new lipsticks…i bought 4 new lipsticks plus 4 new lip glosses.

I bought a lot of makeup.

This happens to me about once a season. I suddenly get the urge to go all out crazy and get a new makeup look. Of course, no one really notices that I’ve gotten a new makeup look as I tend to buy the same shade range of colors and generally opt for a more natural makeup look. It still takes a lot of makeup to get a natural no-makeup look. Sometimes my husband will notice, but usually he’ll say something like “I don’t like that brown stuff on your face” or “what’s that sparkly stuff on your cheeks?”. Last summer when I re-did my makeup he actually liked it and said “Don’t change anything, I like the way this makeup looks”. Eventually I changed it anyway, as I get bored with the same makeup and love to try all the new palettes and colors that arrive! I have friends who are still wearing the same eyeshadow and lipstick shades for the last ten years or more. I think how easy that must be…how simple. But I am not simple. At least not yet.

I would never feel comfortable NOT wearing makeup. I have too many freckles, sallow skin and dark undereye circles, That’s how I see myself. My husband does not see that. He says I’m beautiful without makeup and is quick to inform me if I apply too much. My facialist always compliments my skin and doesn’t think I need to wear makeup all the time either. But since I was 14 years old I have tried to hide the freckles, cover the dark circles, and add a rosy glow to my olive skin. Almost 40 years later and not much has changed.

I have loved makeup since I was first allowed to wear it as a young teenager. To me buying an eyeshadow palette is as exciting as being a kid getting a new 64 count crayon box. I love how all the different colors can be mixed and blended together. In truth, I don’t wear every interesting color included in any eyeshadow palette. I use the same three or four colors over and over. Still, I love getting new palettes and I have drawers and baskets full of makeup to show for it. My makeup vanity is as overstuffed and cluttered as my closet once was.

After experimenting with all the new foundations, bronzers and highlighters, a few items needed to be returned. Instead of shipping the items back, I decided to make a “quick trip” to Sephora at the mall to do the return in person. That was mistake number one - I failed to put together a “going to the mall quickly” strategy. For years, I’ve parked in the same area and would enter the mall through Nordstroms.. That was mistake number two - which would not have happened had I not made mistake number one. The thing is, Sephora is right next to Nordstroms and that is just the route my brain naturally follows….park second level of Nordstroms where there is always parking to be found…walk through women’s contemporary and designer clothing departments…take escalator down to first level…walk past jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and handbags…exit into mall..there’s Sephora.

All was fine for 30 seconds after entering Nordstroms. Then I saw it right in my direct path…a soft cashmere sweater with a v-neck, that was hip length which would look perfect with my cream colored jeans. I held it up against myself in the mirror. I loved it. The length, style and colors were just right, It could be worn dressed up with cream colored slacks or dressed down with jeans. I had been working on my Fall shopping list and had v-neck cashmere sweaters listed. BUT…I had not come to the mall looking to buy pre-season clothing. In fact, I hadn’t been planning on buying the sweaters on my list until September. I decided to take a PAUSE. I put the sweater down and headed straight to Sephora without any delays. I made my returns, then stopped to get a coffee to think about whether or not it made sense to purchase the sweater.

I asked myself the 6 questions:

  1. Why am I here? To return makeup at Sephora.

  2. How do I feel? I was happy but now I’m confused too.

  3. Do I need this? Do I really need anything? Still, it is on my Fall shopping list.

  4. What if I wait? They may sell out of my size OR I could potentially find something I like even better.

  5. How will I pay for it? I have enough cash in my wallet to pay for it.

  6. Where will I put it? I have room for it in my closet.

I decided to try on the sweater. On the way to the dressing room my eyes began wandering. I spied with my two big eyes denim jeans (I don’t need) and a cute blue denim ruffled sleeve dress (that would be great for my fantasy self). I looked around, but knew I did not want things to get out of hand, so I darted into the dressing room before my willpower weakened. The sweater fit great and I was convinced that it made sense to buy it and that I could check one item off my Fall list. I paid cash and then swiftly left the store.

I have no regrets about the sweater, but I definitely have to figure out this overabundance of makeup that I have collected. Perhaps I should purge my cosmetics the same way I did my closet? I wonder if Marie Kondo has written anything on this subject? I need to do a makeup cleansing or perhaps I could do a makeup capsule. Something like picking 20 makeup items to use for 3 months? In any case, I have to change this cycle of overbuying makeup! I will need to give this some thought and research and come up with a plan before the next season’s makeup shopping urge strikes!

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