Trading in Black Friday for a Laid Back Friday!

30% 40% 60% Off…Deals! Deals! Deals!

The day after Thanksgiving, (better known as Black Friday), has arrived! I’m sure, like me. you have been getting loads of emails about if for over a week now. In fact, many of the retailers had Black Friday “pre-sales”, or started their Black Friday sales a few days earlier. Of course, there is still Cyber Monday, but online sites also had Black Friday deals. It’s all so confusing…and I just won’t pay close attention to any of it.

Today I will not partake in any of the sale craze out there. First of all, my body is still tired as I’ve been cooking and cleaning for two days straight, and then eating for what felt like two days. I also am enjoying a short period when all my kids are back under the same roof and I want to just sit and stare at their faces before they go back to college (I seriously do just stare at them…which probably creeps them out a bit).

I know that someday soon I will need to start purchasing holiday gifts (and face all the shopping urge challenges that are bound to come along), but I’m not starting it today. Instead I will unwind, enjoy my family, watch a movie, play games. In fact, I may not even get out of my PJ’s!

Surprisingly, I’ve never been a big Black Friday shopper. The crowds, lines and driving around and around to find a parking spot are enough to deter me. I haven’t even completed my shopping list yet and that really needs to get done before I venture out to the stores. The truth is that right now I don’t need to purchase anything. I’m not ready to start my holiday shopping and I certainly don’t need more “stuff” for myself.

Anyway, I had originally planned to write a post for today about implementing change into our lives, but I just didn’t have the time this past week to properly research and prepare it. I feel it’s an important subject and didn’t want to rush writing about it, so I will post that next week.

One of the reasons I had limited time this past week (besides cooking and baking) is that I was working on writing an article for the Huffington Post telling my personal story with compulsive shopping and overspending. I am so excited for the opportunity to be a guest writer for them and the article was published today (timed perfectly with Black Friday). I’m also a little nervous about it as I really layout the truth about my past and all the struggles I faced. It isn’t easy to tell the world about my shopping issues, as I know there will be many who will judge me. But I feel it’s important to let others know that overshopping can be a serious issue, and not something to simply roll their eyes at. I also want other compulsive shoppers to know that they are not alone and can find the help and support they need to make a positive change. You can read the article here:

Before I go and make pancakes for the kids, I just want to say that it is okay NOT to shop any Black Friday sales today . It’s actually more than okay. Black Friday is not a shopping day of obligation. By not shopping today you avoid the risk of buying things just because they are on sale and you think you’re getting a great deal. Remember, It’s not a great deal if you don’t need it. And if you are afraid of having Black Friday FOMO (Fear of Missing Out…incase you didn’t know that), then don’t fret…there will be plenty of sales still happening between now and the end of December…and then a whole new set of sales after the holidays!!

If you are still thinking of shopping today then make sure to bring that shopping list with you and stick to it. Pause when you feel the urge to buy something that is unplanned. Make sure to ask yourself if you really need it, can afford it and have a place for it. Remind yourself why you are there…what should you be buying? Anything not on your shopping list can wait...the sales will still be around.

Better yet, don’t shop today. Leave those crazy, chaotic stores and crammed parking lots for others. Take a deep breath, sit back and try not to get sucked in to the Black Hole of Black Friday.

Relax…Enjoy your day doing something else that brings you joy. Maybe even leave those pajamas on too!

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