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It has been over two months since I checked in to see if my Amazon buying has improved. When I first wrote about this topic, I had been very surprised to learn exactly how much I was spending on Amazon each month. I have come to rely on Amazon for so many of my household and personal needs, and since it is very easy to find almost everything you need there, I seemed to be buying too much too quick without being very mindful of what I was purchasing! I decided to take an updated look at what my current Amazon spending has been and if it has improved.

To read my first post about my Amazon shopping click here:

Here is the breakdown of what I have purchased recently:

Total spent on Amazon in August: $1810.64

Total spent on Amazon in September: $1732.72

Now for a more in-depth look at the last 30 days:

Necessary purchases:

Food: $489.32

College items: $247.67

Misc. Household: $292.32

Unnecessary purchases:

Clothing items: 453.87

Misc. household: 249.54

I am happy to see that my monthly spending decreased consistently for each of the last two months compared to when I did the previous analysis back in July (when I had spent $2746 in 30 days). I’ve spent $1000 less than I had been and that is a good thing! I am also pleased to see that I have not purchased any beauty products from Amazon. I have kept to my goal of finishing the body washes, body creams, and hair products that I already own. However, the amount of products I bought that I now deem unnecessary has not improved at all. In the last month, 40% of what I purchased was not really needed. That number is still too high. What happened?

The biggest issue has been the purchase of clothing (no surprises here). I spent $453.87 on shoes and bras). The bras I actually did need, but I really did not like the Amazon bras I purchased and in the end, I went to the mall and bought two more expensive, but much more comfortable bras. I had originally decided to buy bras from Amazon because I was going away and while packing I had noticed that my bras were all a bit dingy. I didn’t think I would have time to go to a store before leaving for the trip, and therefore ordered from Amazon because of the two day Prime shipping. But, the bras were scratchy and overall not a great choice. I should have realized that unless I could order a bra I knew worked for me, I would be best off going to the store and trying on the bra….even if it meant I had to wait and pack a old bra for the trip. My impatience, and my “had to have it now” attitude, caused me to make a ” regret purchase”.

The other clothing items I bought were three pairs of shoes…Ugg rain boots, a leopard loafer, and a grey flat loafer. Could I have gotten by without any of these shoes? Yes. Do they all serve a purpose in my current wardrobe? Hmm..maybe yes, well sorta. Does an item need to be necessary, in order to purchase it? I’m not certain, but here was my reasoning…

In the beginning of September I hurt my back and am still healing from it (almost there!). Because of this, I have wanted to avoid wearing heels for a while and therefore, I decided a grey flat shoe would come in handy to substitute for the grey booties I often wear in the Fall. I have already worn them a few times, and I do see them being a staple in my wardrobe. So though they were technically “not necessary” (I have beige and black flats already), I’m still glad I bought them.

I also already own a pair of slip-on flat leopard shoes, but decided to purchase new Sam Edelman leopard loafers as an “upgrade” since I liked them better than the pair I had. Definitely wasn’t necessary, but again I don’t regret it. What I do regret is having purchased that first pair of leopard loafers since I had chosen them quickly based on their inexpensive “sale price” and not because I truly loved them. I find many times when I purchase an item because it is cheap or a "great deal", and not because I love it, I am usually disappointed, and either never wear it or wear it once and then donate it. This is a mistake I don’t often make anymore as I am much better now “thinking through” a purchase to ensure it meets all my criteria, but it still happens from time to time.

The boots are another story. I already own tall black Hunter boots which I do love and are comfortable. But one rainy day I had noticed a woman in cute trendier rain boots and thought “Hmmm, I should get a pair of cute trendy rain boots”. The Ugg boots are shorter, a glossy silver-grey color, and lined in sherpa. I love sherpa in my shoes! I definitely didn’t need these boots, but I do really like them. Time will tell if I use them as much, or maybe even more than my black Hunters. Still, deep inside I realize I only need one pair of rain boots - not two!

As for the household items I purchased…I spent about $154.00 on pillows for my back that I’m not using! I admit, it frustrated me that I tweeked my back again, and I was determined to get it feeling great quickly. So I purchased two back cushions to use in the car (I didn’t love the first one so I purchased a second one which I don't like either). I also purchased three pillows to use in bed (one for under my legs, on for between my knees and a large wedge that is suppose to prop up my head and neck while sleeping). Out of all these pillows, I ended up only using the one to go under my knees when sleeping. The rest are just sitting in my car trunk or under my bed. This is a common case of me rushing to throw money at a problem..thinking if I buy every pillow out there I can magically fix my back. Now, I will say the one pillow I am using has helped my sleeping at night, but I wish I had stopped there. Not only did I waste money, but I’ve increased my household clutter. Why did I buy so many? I believe it made me feel I was doing everything I could to help myself. But I need to be more patient…try one pillow at a time. In the back of my mind I knew that I only needed that one pillow, and I should have listened more closely to myself.

Taking the time to re-check what I am spending online at Amazon has helped to point out the areas that I still need to improve on. I would like to see my unnecessary purchases reduced further and will make a greater effort going forward to be more aware and mindful. But overall, I am still spending less money and that is a step in the right direction.

Does Amazon make it too easy for you to overshop? Please leave a comment and let me know if Amazon is a plus or minus in your life? Or join my private Facebook group to share ideas on how we can reduce our unnecessary shopping!

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